Radiology Imagining Department

Zia Neurology offers on-site CT and X-Ray radiology services. Our imaging center is certified by the American College of Radiology, and houses our very own radiology lab with a certified radiologist on staff. Contact us today to learn more about our radiology imaging services.

CT Scan

A computer tomography scan, or CT Scan, is a scan that uses two-dimensional imaging to create a three-dimensional picture. Doctors can use CT Scans to see an accurate representation of the interior of a patient without having to perform surgery. This can greatly aid the diagnostic process while requiring less inconvenience for the patient.

At Zia Neurology, our facility is equipped with an on-site imaging center for CT studies, as well as an in-house Autonomic Laboratory and EMG/NCS Laboratory. Having an onsite CT scan helps aid in identifying ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke patients. This allows Dr. Zia to provide the highest level of stroke care to our patients, which ultimately leads to better outcomes.


An X-Ray is a standard medical test in which an object, typically a limb or joint, is placed between an x-ray emitter and an x-ray detector. Electromagnetic radiation passes from the emitter, through the object, and to the detector. By doing this, doctor’s are able to view two-dimensional images of the interior body of a patient with little to no discomfort to the patient.
Zia Neurology is equipped with an on-site imaging center for X-Ray services, and has a certified radiologist on staff. In addition, we have an in-house Autonomic Laboratory and EMG/NCS Laboratory.

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